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CBD Tincture or
Vape 2000mg
MSRP: $1
CAM price: $1
CBD Tincture or
Vape 3000mg
CAM price: $1
CBD Tincture or
Vape 1000mg
CAM price: $
CBD Tincture  or
Vape 500mg
CAM price: $
If you have an interest in purchasing any
of these products, please go to the
"contact us" page and call or write my
office with your order.  You can pay with
any credit card.  Your order can be
picked up at my office or can be mailed
by USPS first class for a fixed rate of
$6.25 per package. Any order of 10
bottles or more includes FREE shipping.
Click here to read more about CBD before purchasing and using this product.
The CBD Hemp Oil inside these bottles is created using only
organically responsible hemp farmed with Eco-sustainable methods.
This has created the purest and most bio-available CBD on the
market today.  Using  Blue Moon  Hemp Oil daily allows your body to
find its natural balance and enjoy well being and good energy.
CBD Oil is an excellent tonic for your
pets as well. The 250mg potency is
perfect @ 1 drop per 10 lbs. of your
animal's weight.        $25.00
PDQ skin cream
Amazon Price $89
CAM price $60
CBD Salve 500mg
MSRP: $35.00
CAM price: $25
CBD Salve 1000mg
MSRP: $59.00
CAM price: $45