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For those of you who are taking statin drugs, please look
at these statistics and understand that there are safe
alternatives.  Anyone taking a statin drug should be taking
a CoQ10 supplement.  Do your research and make an
appointment to find out why and how much is right for you
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The whole grain story
The average intake of whole grains for a
healthy individual should be 3 ounces or about
85 grams per day. Read labels and know what
you are eating.
Should I eat High Fructose Corn Syrup?
In a recent un-biased study, HFCS was shown to adversely affect the body's ability
to regulate insulin levels.  Therefore HFCS can cause weight gain, contribute to the
risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes, hypertension and elevated "bad" cholesterol.  
The most disturbing finding was that HFCS contained mercury in more than 50% of
the samples tested.

It is advised to avoid any food that contains the genetically modified substance
HFCS.  Be aware that HFCS can hide in a food as many other names such as corn
syrup, etc.  Do your research before you eat anything that contains this genetically
modified substance that can harm your health.
Health Care
at its Best"
                   Cancer Protocol:  

AHCC, 2 grams per day for 2 months. Followed

Modified Citrus Pectin, 2 grams per day for 2
months.  Followed by:

Avemar Supplement, 2 grams per day for 2

Add a medicinal mushroom supplement to your
diet everyday (such as available from:

This protocol is used over a 6 month period and
can be repeated if necessary. Consult with a
healthcare professional before starting this or
any other healing protocol.
                                    CoronaVirus Update

Besides the information disseminated by the CDC there are natural
substances available to help prevent and treat the coronavirus.  These
include: elderberry syrup or softgels taken orally at a dosage of 1200mg 3x a
day.  Lomatium liquid taken orally mixed with water or juice at a dosage of
1ml 2x a day.  Astragalus herb taken orally at a dosage of 1000mg 2x a day.  
Echinacea taken orally at a dosage of 1200mg 3x a day and my favorite
anti-viral; oregano oil, taken as a liquid or softgel at a dosage of 1000mg
daily.  Please research the benefits of these natural substances and consult
with a holistic physician before beginning any natural protocol.

There are also pharmaceuticals available by prescription that have been
reviewed in Lancet (British Medical Association Newsletter) as helpful with
the coronavirus. Researches say that Losartan, an enzyme receptor, could
prevent the virus from binding to host cells in the victim's body, possibly
preventing further or future infections.  Hydroxychloroquine, used to treat
malaria, could possibly suppress the proteins that cause deadly
inflammation in victims, according to Reuters news agency. These drugs are
also taken with an antibiotic (Zithromycin).

If you keep your immune system strong, there is less chance of contracting
the coronavirus, let alone the common cold.  Wash your hands often and
stay safe.

There is always the possibility of an allergic reaction to both
pharmaceuticals and natural substances.  Please be aware of any adverse
reaction to the substances you are taking and act appropriately with an
antihistamine if necessary.