About CAM of Williamsburg

CAM of Williamsburg was founded from the interest of local residents to acquire
sound information about alternative forms of treatment for various health
concerns.  Our clients are interested in finding a cure for disease, rather than
covering up the symptoms. Our clients are educated in the uses of alternative
modalities and are encouraged to use that education towards obtaining whatever
products and services are available to alleviate their health problems.  

CAM of Williamsburg uses many different forms of complementary and
alternative medicine in a
HOLISTIC APPROACH to healing the mind and body.  
CAM works in harmony with our clients' primary care physician to be certain that
there are no interactions with whatever drugs or therapies the client is presently
using.  This
INTEGRATIVE APPROACH assures continuity and addresses the
concerns of all for the total health of the client.  It is through this approach that
clients are shown the proper use of herbs, homeopathic remedies, acupressure,
massage, reflexology, light therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),
ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy and electronic acupuncture.

If you are tired of the allopathic approach to disease and the pharmaceutical drugs
that are constantly prescribed, perhaps a holistic/integrative approach is more in
tune with your body's healing potential.  Please call or email with any questions
you may have before you decide to make an appointment.

CAM of Williamsburg does not sell products but can supply homeopathic remedies and other substances, which may not be  
available locally.  Each client is encouraged to find the suggested supplements from whatever reputable source they choose.


Dr. Al Rothstein, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., D.S.H.E., C.C.,  founder of CAM of
Williamsburg has been active in the natural health care field for over 30 years. He
is a certified complementary and alternative medicine consultant.  He is certified
as an herbal specialist by the American Botanical Council, a member of the
National Center for Homeopathy and has 92 continuing education credits in CAM
modalities above his Ph. D. degree.  He has also completed the 8 segment course
study through the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
(NCCAM), National Institutes of Health.  He can be contacted to give seminars
on Alternative Medicine, which he has done for groups and for Sentara Hospital
locally.  His services are by appointment only.
All information contained within this site is for
educational purposes only.  There is no intent
to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Complementary and Alternative
Medicine of Williamsburg
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Albert J. Rothstein
B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., C.C.
Health Care
at its Best"
"Beware of people who say they are naturalists
who sell products to customers. I had an
appointment with one and walked out with tons of
junk I didn't need but was pressured into buying.  
Then a friend told me about Al Rothstein, who has
a Ph.D. in alternative medicine.  After checking
out his website, CAMofWilliamsburg.com, I gave
him a call.  It was a refreshing change.  He took
my in-depth history and told me what to do without
selling me products.  He followed up with phone
calls.  I am off prescription meds because of his
knowledge of alternative remedies."
"Al Rothstein of Williamsburg is a gem.  I am 56 and
had grown tired of seeking medical help with
complaints of being tired, dulled thinking, low-grade
anxiety, and just not feeling like myself.  I was either
written off or given medications that had more side
effects than the problems they were to treat.  I heard of
Rothstein of Complementary & Alternative Medicine of
Williamsburg and gave him a call.  Three months later
I had more energy than when I was 20.  I think clearly
again, have no anxiety and feel more like myself than I
have in years.  Rothstein gave me a customized plan of
herbal supplements and vitamins and took the time to
explain why each was being recommended.  I hope
everyone who is fed up with the medical community's
approach to vague, but real, complaints seeks him out.  
His number is 880-7072."
As seen in Williamsburg's "Next Door Neighbors" magazine,
October 2008.
"There are a number of drugs doctors can
prescribe for the symptoms of shingles. But if
you are interested in dealing with the cause
rather than the effects of the problem,
homeopathic medicine may be the answer.  
Although not an exact science, homeopathic
remedies are completely non-toxic with no side
effects and approved by the Federal Drug
Administration. There are many herbal
products that can help as well.  Call Dr. Al
Rothstein at Complementary & Alternative
Medicine of Williamsburg, 880-7072."
"I have been seeing Al Rothstein in holistic
alternatives and have been surprised at the
wonderful results I've had.  He also does TENS
electronic acupuncture to stimulate nerve
endings to help with back and hip pain I have
had.  Each treatment helps me go longer
without medicine.  Rothstein does not sell
supplements, but does a thorough list of
recommendations.  His number is 880-7072."
The Last Word
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My daughter continues to do well on the supplements you
recommended.  We are no longer concerned with her outbursts
in class and she just made honor roll this last semester.  She
has stopped taking all the prescription medication and the
headaches have gone away. Thank you so much for your help."