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I wish to thank the many authors of various reference works that are in my office library.  Many are noted on other
pages within this site.  They are wonderful references that should be used with caution, realizing that remedies are
personal and not a "one size fits all" cure.  Your health should not be a hit or miss trial of different herbs or remedies
without consulting an experienced consultant who can tailor fit your alternative therapy to you.

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From:  Dr. Albert J. Rothstein, Ph.D.
CAM of Williamsburg      

Rx:  Your health is up to you.  

Start small.  Eat well.  Move your body.
Love your lover.  Be a good friend.
Let others care about you.  Say you're
sorry.  Laugh a ton.  Drink one (or
sometimes two) for me.  Simplify your
life.  Buy more experiences than things.
Create your own health.  

    Dr. Al

In respect to Jay Parkinson, M.D.
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